Cappuccino in the Clouds

Cappuccino in the Clouds

Today’s my 20th Birthday!

When I was younger I couldn’t wait to be 20 and now it’s here!

So today I’m sharing 20 things I’ve learnt in all my 20 years..

1. Read anything and everything

2. Having a close group of friends is ten times better than having a large group of friends

3. Your Mum will also be one of your best friends

4. You will make some terrible fashion choices but also some good ones

5. In all my 20 years there has been no greater TV Show than Friends

6. Make time for your family

7. Doing things on your own isn’t as scary as it seems

8. You don’t have an exact idea of what you want to do with your life

9. But make sure you are doing what you love

10. Travel as much as you can

11. Not everyone will like you

12. And you won’t like everyone either

13. Its okay to have your own taste’s and opinions

14. Try not to regret anything

15. Being single ain’t all that bad

16. Stick up for yourself

17. And don’t be afraid to speak your mind

18. Its better to have more experiences than more possessions

19. Confidence will grow as you get older

20. And just remember that these have been some of the best years of your life and it can only get better.

Aimee x


Cappuccino in the Clouds

When I was packing to go to New York knowing I was going for a month I thought it be best to take two books with me, which was all fine until I ended up buying 4 more.

So I ended up coming home with six books…

Anyway each book (Bar one, I got 4 chapters in & decided to give up) were great reads..

This Modern Love – Will Derbyshire

By Will Derbyshire, This Modern Love is a collection of love letters & photos all written not just by fans but by anyone who wanted to contribute. Split into 3 parts of a relationship Beginning, Middle and End, This Modern Love is a lovely book.

Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins

WOW. What a book… I loved Girl on the Train & I really liked the aspect of finding out what happened as Rachel pieced it all together. I’m not going to spoil it because everyone should read this book if you haven’t already but the ending is so shocking I just didn’t see it coming! Read it Now!

Sweetbitter – Stephanie Danler

This was a great book although it was a little slow at times, but it’s defiantly one I’d read again. The story follows Tess as she begins working as a back waiter in a New York restaurant. From dealing with growing up, struggling with jealous and a love triangle thrown into the mix this is a great book for a cold night in..

Dragonfly in Amber – Diana Gabaldon

The second book in the Outlander Series and the basis of the second season of the TV Series is just as good as the first if not better. Continuing on Claire and Jamie’s story this time split between Paris, Scotland. The story also time hops between Claire’s time with Jamie in the 1740’s and the 1960’s when she returns to Scotland with her daughter 20 years after going back through the stones. Having watched the TV Show first before reading the book makes it so much easier to understand both the show and the book.

The Hopefuls – Jennifer Close

The Hopefuls was such a great book. The book followed couple Beth and Matt and their new couple friends Jimmy and Ashleigh as they went through the process of Jimmy running for a big Texas Campaign and Matt working as his campaign manager. The book showed the struggles and jealousy that this tight nit group went through as the campaign progresses.

Have you been reading anything great lately? I’m always looking for more book recommendations!


Cappuccino in the Clouds


Sorry this post is coming to you later than usual on a Monday I didn’t get around to writing it until this morning. I has such a lazy day yesterday, it was great all I did was watch some films and read tuns. Saturday was my first day back at work since being away to New York and now I feel I’m completely back to reality which sucks… Its been two weeks since I’ve been home and I’m already trying to plan when I can get back to NYC..

This week is also my Birthday Week!!! Its my 20th Birthday on Thursday and I have a fun themed post coming then. I also have a couple of round up posts coming this week too, so look out for them.. I’m starting to run out of posts now that I’m back home so I’m off to brainstorm some new post ideas and hopefully maybe finally an outfit post since I’ve been promising those since I started this blog…

Aimee x


Happy Friday!

How is it already the end of September? Its crazy that its October next week and that I’ve already been home for 2 weeks (insert sad face here) On the plus side it’s my 20th Birthday next week!!! Its cray to think that I’m going to be in my 20’s… But i’m so excited for it.

This weeks post is the first Friday Favourites since before I left for New York, so todays post includes some of my purchases from New York!!


YSL Handbag

Yes while I was in New York I picked up this beautiful YSL Handbag! I had been looking around at a few different designer bags over the months leading up to my trip, my first choice was a Prada Bag but then I spotted the Classic Kate Monogrammed bag and fell in love with it. I waited until I got to New York to see all the colours in person before I made my final decision, initially I opted for the Black with either a gold or silver chain strap but then I spotted the Dark Anthracite with the black chain and my decision was made.

Classic Medium Kate Monogram



Madewell Shoes

Okay I’m not going to lie I went a bit crazy in the Madewell stores, I literally could of came home with every thing in the shop… I didn’t but I did however come home with tones of tops and a couple pairs of shoes. First off is The Barlow Mule, I love them so much and I’ve already wore them so much since I bought them, they are defiantly paying for themselves. The Second pair is The Billie Boot, I love how versatile these are they go with almost everything & I love how the heel isn’t too high which means they are so comfortable for walking around.

The Barlow Mule
The Billie Boot

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

The Hopefuls

This was surprisingly a great book. The plot of the story sounded so good but I was worried it might end up being a bit slow and too heavy on the politics but I was so wrong. I really enjoyed it and it turned out to be such an easy read, definatly one I’d recommend for anyone going away on a trip!

Speaking of Books on the flight home I began reading The Girl on the Train, I was more than half way through by the time I landed in Aberdeen. It was so so good and that twist at the end I did not see that coming… I can’t wait to see the film!


These are some notebooks I picked up in New York, the Kate Spade ones I picked up from Barnes and Noble are super cute
especially the one with all the books! And the sweets I found in WHSmith here in Aberdeen, these are the only American that I’ll eat as I don’t know if it’s just me or is the chocolate in American just not as good as the chocolate here in the UK.


Cappuccino in the Clouds

The last post in my New York City guide.. Todays post is all about some of my favourite places to visit in New York. I miss walking about the city so much, this trip I tried to walk as much as possible whenever I could. On foot is defiantly the best way to see the city.

Cappuccino in the Clouds

Cappuccino in the Clouds

Central Park

No trio to New York is complete without a visit to Central Par, because it really is one of the best places to walk for hours without realising it. A visit to Bethesda Fountain & the Malll are two musts as well as a picnic in Sheep Meadow and walk around the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. I visited the park almost everyday & I miss sitting people watching, reading, even walking for miles through the park.

Cappuccino in the clouds

Cappuccino in the Clouds

Cappuccino in the Clouds

Cappuccino in the Clouds

Cappuccino in the Clouds

5th Avenue & 6th Avenue

Rockefeller Centre, The Empire State Building, The Flatiron Building, Madison Sq Park, The Plaza and Shops all the shops.. What more reasons could you need to take a stroll up 5th and 6th Avenue.

Cappuccino in the Clouds

Cappuccino in the Clouds

Brooklyn Bridge / Dumbo

Dumbo in Brooklyn has some of the best views of Downtown Manhattan & a great place to spend the morning. Just a short walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, Dumbo is filled with small coffee shops, bookstores & riverside views of Manhattan.

Entrances for Brooklyn Bridge at … Beside City Hall in Lower Manhattan

Cappuccino in the Clouds

Manhattan Bridge

Manhattan Bridge is one that most people don’t know about. The same as the Brooklyn Bridge the Manhattan Bridge is just a short walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan, Just without the mass amount of tourists. And it takes you right into China Town on the Manhattan side.

Read more about it here

Cappuccino in the Clouds

Cappuccino in the Clouds

The High Line

The High Line located in Chelsea is a great place for a walk, it elevated above the city & gives great views of the city.

Entrances at… Gansevoort & Washington Street : 14th,16th,18th,20th,23rd,26th,28th & 30th Street : 30th Street and 11 Avenue:

Cappuccino in the Clouds

Cappuccino in the Clouds

Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village is one of the prettiest neighbourhoods in New York City, from the apartments, to the tree lined streets, the coffee shops & the small little stores it has it all. On top of all that Greenwich Village is also home to Washington Sq Park, Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment in Sex & the City and of course The Friends Building.

Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment.. 66 Perry Street and Bleecker Street
The Friends Building.. Corner of Grove and Bedford

Cappuccino in the Clouds


New York is home to some of the greatest museums, this year I manages to visit a few more than I have in the past. Getting the chance to visit the Whitney Museum, The Metropolitan Museum and The Modern Museum of Art. All three are great museums, I particularly loved the MOMA as it was filled with both beautiful art work & a series of sculptures and photography pieces which I loved.

The Whitney Museum… 99 Gansevoort Street
The Metropolitan Museum… 1000 5th Avenue
The MOMA… 11 West 53rd Street

Cappuccino in the Clouds

Cappuccino in the Clouds

Broadway Shows

While in New York seeing a Broadway Show is a right of passage. There is something for everyone’s taste & some of the best shows in the world, located all around Times SQ. I went to see Les Miserables & Chicago and they were two of the best shows that I have ever seen.

More Places to Visit

The Freedom Tower, Yankee Stadium for a Yankee’s Game, Chrysler Building, China Town, Grand Central Station , Battery Park and Wall Street.

Cappuccino in the Clouds

Cappuccino in the Clouds

Cappuccino in the Clouds

Cappuccino in the Clouds

Cappuccino in the Clouds

Cappuccino in the Clouds

Cappuccino in the Clouds